For you brigands, sure

I bought the domain name. Woot!

You are now on…

‘Njoy the distinct lack of tasteless ads!

On a personal note, as we’re moving closer to the summer, I’m moving to Outschool full-time. At least for the season. More details to follow.

Running RPGs may be an actual job.


Boy, get ready.

Oh, and there’s one post per day for the next five days.


EDIT: I just realized that I paid for the first year of this new domain purely with sales from

ADDITIONAL EDIT: Tonight, I’ve added over 10 projects from the blog to my itch page. Keeps it clean to collect them all.

One thought on “For you brigands, sure

  1. You’re on your way, Dragonslayer!
    “All that is gold does not glitter, not all those who wander are lost, the old that is strong does not wither, deep roots are not reached by the frost. From ashes a fire shall be woken, a light from the shadows shall spring. Renewed shall be blade that was broken, the crownless again shall be king. ” J.R.R. Tolkien
    Happy adventuring!

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