Are you a better designer than a sixth grader?

You might think I made these, but I didn’t. This style of humor is totally me though.

I played in an RPG run by a 12 year old. Same cousin as referenced here, but now one year older and wiser.

When I brought Maze Rats over, she stole my copy and made her own adventure in 20 minutes flat.

“Alright. Let’s play.”

We roll characters. We got our standard ruffian fantasy adventure gang ready.

Everything’s set.

And then my expectations were shattered.

“You start on your spaceship.”


Whole different genre, same dungeon-crawling format. We were on a mission to rescue the space king’s daughter.

“Oh yeah, and the adventure is called “Snail Fart,” just in case you were wondering.”


Session 1 was a dungeon-crawl through an alien spaceship, session 2 was a wilderness crawl of planet-hopping.

In short, it was amazing. Here were some highlights:

The dungeon we tackled for the first session. She takes “put everything on the map” to heart. There’s stats, descriptions, monster drawings, the whole kit and kaboodle.
Her map for the hexcrawl.

“Oh, Tom B Land? That’s Tom Brady’s planet. You can tell because it has so many rings.” *Goofy pun noises*

Her notes for the pirate ship we were captured on during the hex crawl.
The king’s throne room. For those who want a look into the lives of space royalty.
“Stonks Island”… which is a planet. Yes, that carpet is a Phineas and Ferb reference!

At the end on the two-session adventure, we even got the little badges pictured at the beginning of the post.

Someday, I hope to be this good a GM…

Vacation well-spent…


Random Recipe: Sunrise Mountain.

Get a large glass jar, fill it with a handful of ice. Empty a can of Mountain Dew into it (regular, diet, zero sugar, pick your poison, ahem). Fill the rest of the jar with orange juice. Swirl the jar around and take in the wonderful sounds of ice on glass. Sip contentedly.

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