Adventure Hour! Draft 0.3

This is a project of mine I’ve been working on off and on. It’s gaming with kids in anachronistic fantasyland Free Kriegsspiel Revolution style.

This is a little PDF I put together back in December with four pages: a title page, all of the rules, all of character creation, and a nice, comprehensive animal table.

Here it is

There’s a lot from the draft cut from here, but releasing a tastefully short PDF is kinda my jam, so I’ll go with that.

This character creation is also what I use for my Outschool games, by the way. Char Gen for five players takes five minutes. No lie.

The game thrives off of obstacles and solving said obstacles with clever tactics, item usage, teamwork, and whatever else players can leverage.

I do mention online play in the rules, but I don’t really use dice anymore in those games. Maybe the game requires a little addendum for how to do gaming diceless…

Want a dungeon to go with it? I’ve run Belly of the Fishy Beast many times with this system.


9 thoughts on “Adventure Hour! Draft 0.3

  1. It is beautiful. The art has a Little Nemo feel; also, the focus on problem solving and item using just screams ZELDA to me!

    1. Just Googled that. Called “the unrealized Ghibli film.” Will have to watch,.

      Oh totally. Zelda was such a huge influence for that item list. Everything has multiple uses that I’ve dreamed up, but infinite uses that players will dream up in play.

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