Go Socialising in Electric Bastionland (d6+d6)

“The judgemental glares of the other party-goers. Clearly you are not as serious about fun as they are.”

Page 254

  • Ask what they want to get out of it, give them a choice of how to do this.
  • Make one appealing but expensive.
  • Make one exciting but dangerous.

Bullet point #1 is up to you. I’ve got a twin d6 tables for points 2 and 3.

Be aware of how hooks and flavor can be injected through each of these entries.

Appealing but expensive

  1. The Zesty Zeppelin, featuring the tastiest cheeses and the finest wines. There’s so many blocks of cheese that folks have taken to sculpting and making forts out of them.
  2. Train-Ride to Nowhere, featuring “historical” reenactments that are separated in each train car. The train cars function as a timeline: the cars closer to the engine are closer to the present. Many reenactments feature lore about lost technology or hints about abandoned treasures in the Underground.
  3. Bastion’s Bottle Orchestra, being recorded for live radio broadcast. There are many rich and attractive players among them hanging around after the show looking for company. They prefer devoted admirers of their bottling ways.
  4. Sport of Balls and Bases. This up-and-coming athletic entertainment features pitchers and outfielders (it’s definitely American baseball). While the sport is slow, there are many wealthy Patrons here mostly for the company of others (as with real baseball).
  5. Lampwick’s. This restaurant’s gimmick is that the seating is beneath a brightly-lit aquarium. Some sea creatures are even trained to come out of the water and say hello… And possibly other equally nefarious things.
  6. Mr. Rattigan’s dice game. This after-party event takes place in the kitchen of Mr. Rattigan’s massive mansion, right there on the stovetop. The waitstaff are all invited to play and enjoy watching their good-hearted employer lose money to people from all over Bastion.

Exciting but dangerous

  1. The Culling Boat. It’s a furiously energetic dance aboard a boat. Why is the boat moving towards octopi-infested waters? Go check on the captain, why don’t you?
  2. Spool and Biters. There are open invitations to this bar known for games of pool between gang leaders and leading scientists. There is often a division between the two groups, but the best players implement a little bit of intimidation AND physics to their game.
  3. Pike Picaresque’s Show. A magic show known for getting out of hand. Alcohol and blind knife throwing, you know? But Pike will try anything new in his show if you pass him a few pounds.
  4. Edge of Bastion. A skybridge with no railings. You can see all manor of fun activities and neat architecture from up here plus good fireworks. The people make bets about jumping off? They’re serious.
  5. Flickering Theatre. This form of entertainment featuring flashing lights is known for curing headaches and inducing true-visions of Machines takeovers. Who knows what you could see?
  6. Lightning Date Zone. Once inside this singles-filled dome, speed dating knows few limits. Participants undergo competitive dares back and forth until someone backs out. Then the date is over. Because of the cyclical nature of the dares, there’s no way to get out of it except to concede. They’re designed to fail. Sparks will fly!

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