d6 Universal

I saw this one on the Free Kriegsspiel Revival Discord from @Zakharan, thought I’d share here:

For ANYTHING, roll a d6:

  1. “No, and”
  2. “No”
  3. “No, but”
  4. “Yes, but”
  5. “Yes”
  6. “Yes, and”

For generating a world, just ask a question and use the answers. Ask the question “does this NPC like the players?” Instant NPC reaction table. It also functions as a more specific fortune roll, ala Into the Odd or World of Dungeons, as you please.

What was so funny about seeing this, is that Ben Milton commented, “That’s literally the rules for Freeform Universal,” which Zakharan wasn’t aware of. The REAL kicker is that I’ve done this EXACT mechanic too. Oddities of the RPG design space, I guess. I made fortune cards many years ago to have my “dice” on the go in the car and during my dad’s meetings. 36 cards, six for each option. That also included 1d6 and 2d6 options.

Something about fools rarely differing…


I’ll be using this while messing around with Maze Knight’s design, stay tuned(?).

6 thoughts on “d6 Universal

    1. Maze Rat, the solo variant of Maze Rats, uses the following:
      2 = No, and
      3-4 = No
      5-6 = No, but
      7 = Complication
      8-9 = Yes, but
      10-11 = Yes
      12 = Yes, and

      Much less intuitive (I had to flip back and forth to make sure I had it right) but it does have a “Complication” which can be nice in an Oracle.

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