Classic Fantasy Starting Packages for Into the Odd

I asked around on the Electric Bastionland Discord Server for classic fantasy character packages for Into the Odd. Chris has written about how the implied industrial setting of ItO is intentional, but when I’m going for more Dark Souls than Bloodborne, I’m not a big fan of guns in the game (though I allow for blastpowder).

I was reminded of Odditional Materials which contains classic fantasy packages, yes, but with some off-putting additions: races, classes, and spell levels. These exact things are the sort of things that are left out of Into the Odd that make it so appealing (although the “So you were late and have to join an ongoing adventure…” table is excellent for a game like ItO where characters are frail).

I like my fantasy humans only, please. I also like my fantasy classless, like Knave and ItO. Anyone can get the items that make them more wizard-ly, or more fighter-like, or more thief-y. Lastly, items make for better spells. If you prefer some sort of inherent magic, stay tuned.

Now what you’re here for. In making Skorne, I made these classic fantasy character packages, which I’ve now converted to Into the Odd. Each package implies a Warhammer Fantasy-like character career but without race or class.

EDIT EDIT: Scroll to the bottom for the more recent version.

The first version contains Arcana as written in the original rules:

PDF is here.

The second version contains Powers in place of Arcana. Powers are inherent magic, more handwave-y than Vancian magic or spell levels. Characters with these Powers roll a WIL save to control their use of magical forces. Make using Powers costly and consequential. 

PDF is here.

And there were have it.

EDIT: Works with Cairn too. Fantastic stuff there.


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