Stealing Seven Samurai

The village. Ross McConnell.

Play worlds, not rules. This includes the worlds of movies.

Anyways, I steal ideas from media recklessly. My media diet has to be good for something, right?

I stole from Kurosawa for a World of Elements game that I ran.

The Scenario

Winter time. Bandit gang has stolen half of the livestock.

They’ll be back by spring for the other half.

The villagers are despondent. There’s nothing they can do.

Wait. Are you Wanderers?

Would you help us?

You only have the winter to gather allies. There’s a list of individuals that you hear rumors of:

  • Chu, moody bounty hunter
  • Oni of Greed, frozen beneath the bridge
  • Blind Hermit, retired warrior of the forest
  • Old Woman Shula, temple shut-in
  • The Kitsune, lurking in the fields

They could all be valuable in a fight. Can you win them over? Can you train the village to be ready by the spring? Can you stop the bandit thugs?

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