Skorne – Release

I’m thrilled to announce that I have released my first paid product on

From the preface:

One player is SKORNE the devil prince and commands his demon rulers and armies. The other players are renegades, part of mankind’s insurrection against the darkness that reigns. Overthrow the evil Tyrants. Free chained captives. Fight to the last man.

To play, bring these rules, scratch paper, writing instruments, and at least two six-sided dice (2d6) to the table. 

Skorne is a minimalist RPG packed with ideas that fantasy gamers will find both unique and familiar. This game was written by a Game Master for other Game Masters, which means there are plenty of tools and tables to get things started:

  • A sturdy, yet flexible rule system on one page
  • 42 unique Renegade packages
  • An example of play
  • A guide to playing as Skorne
  • 11 complete 6×6 tables primed for the strongest possible start to your campaign.

This game also has three very definite end states:

  1. Skorne is overthrown
  2. The seventh seal is broken
  3. There is no one left alive

And yes, all three are possible at the same time.

Highlight influences include anime/manga like Berserk, role-playing games like MORK BORG, and video games like Dark Souls.

This is a Free Kriegsspiel Revolution game. Join the Discord here.

Thanks for the support. 🙂

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