Do it badly (or poorly or whatever)

Ranged slash attack. Shipwright.

Welcome to another edition of me throttling my perfectionist instincts until they choke and perish. My name is Sam.

Four years ago, I received a free picture frame in one of those gag drawings they always do at events. You know the ones. You get a slinky or a goofy stick or an unsharpened pencil. Yippee skippy.

As a now-self-described minimalist, I abhor these practices. Free trinkets are cancerous.

But for some reason, I held onto this picture frame, determined to one day fill it with something memorable. Even after moving four times, I still insisted on lugging that thing around and not just condemning it to the dumpster. 

Foolish me.

I found that picture frame today while cleaning. So sick of seeing its pathetically empty form, I almost immediately threw it out. 

Instead, I grabbed a nearby doodle I did while listening to Sunday’s message and just shoved it in there.

When the preacher-man talks about heaven, it’s impossible to not imagine Hobbiton…

It now sits on my reading desk.

I decided that it would be better to have something shoddy and improve it later than to have nothing at all. 

Do you have a game sitting on the shelf or in your Drive that you’re waiting to run someday? One that’ll just be PERFECT when you get the right group together and everyone’s schedule clears up and everyone can make it EZPZ?

It ain’t gonna happen like that.

Prep something bad. Fix it later. Grab that fantasy toolkit and roll senselessly. Make a quick adventure for the game you want to run and don’t care about if it takes four hours to run or thirty minutes. Use the spare moments between tasks to write a dungeon on a napkin. Dream up a game in the moments before sleep and then wake up the next morning to jot down the imaginative oozes of your unconscious. Just create!

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