Fantasy, Harry Potter, Avatar starting packages


Skills are cool, I guess. Making lists of stats and abilities and skills and whatever can be cool.

Items are cooler, for sure.

In the renewed interest in games to make things more diegetic, that is “in the game world,” some designers have been moving to describe tools that are available to player characters. Designers are designing more levels and buttons and tactile elements for players to interact with or use to interact with other things in the game world.

The “stuff” that fills your game’s world says more about the world than innate skills.

Skills describe the game as a game, items describe the world as a WORLD.

I’ve been asked to share my Adventure Hour! starting character packages for fantasy, Harry Potter, and Avatar. Well here they are in picture format:

Fantasy Adventure Hour

This table completes a character in one roll. Some things on this table need to be discussed as to what EXACTLY they are and what uses they have, but I mostly leave that up to players to figure out themselves.

Hogwarts Adventure Game / Harry Potter.

Instead of having items in the world of Harry Potter, you have spells. These were straight-up stolen from a project Chris McDowall was working on a while ago, not gonna lie. In the fiction of the game, I just say that these are the spells that you have practiced and remembered. School is hard. Lots of students forget things over the summer…

World of Elements / Avatar: The Last Airbender

For all of your element-bending-world needs. For this table, you roll once for each column. Or you could just roll across the row. I didn’t really design this table with that in mind, but it’s a use you may find for it. Like the fantasy item table, some of these items just begged to be described. Add detail!

World of Elements / Avatar: The Last Airbender

This is the bending table. I’ll talk more about this one at a later date… EDIT: I did. Find it here.

Here is a Google Slides presentation that contains all of the text of the starting packages to date.

The above link is for those who like to hack/steal things and make them into better things. No judgement here, I (clearly) do it a lot. Working with direct text is always easier instead of scribbling down notes from a photo.

So that’s it. Just sharing stuff from playing with youngers.

3 thoughts on “Fantasy, Harry Potter, Avatar starting packages

  1. Do you perhaps have a link to the Chris McDowall project? The list is excellent and I have a feeling would result in spell names being yelled. A lot. Which is a good thing

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