Adventure Hour! Second Draft

Confession: I’ve been bad about posting. And I could claim there were good reasons for doing so like student teaching and volunteering and all these other things. All totally valid. But the real REAL reason is that I’ve been sitting on a draft of my Free Kriegspiel Revolution game for a while now and just letting it sit there, telling myself that eventually I would get around to using my new copy of Affinity Publisher and format it and make it awesome and even put it on for a few bucks.

Then I identified my Enneagram number. My secret’s out (and the best part is it isn’t even a good one): I’m a Perfectionist.

And I let the perfect get in the way of the good… or at least the decent… okay, fine, this project is fair at best.

I had been telling myself that if I couldn’t do this project exactly right that it would not be worth doing. And that stopped me from blogging altogether.

So I gave myself a time limit to write this post and sent you to update you that I’m back around and say why things have been dry around here for almost a month now.


Adventure Hour! has infected all of my games. I’ve run Avatar, Harry Potter, generic fantasy, and more with the stuff. I’ll be running Neverland with it too hopefully soon (warning: I didn’t make it halfway through this video before purchasing a copy from Amazon).

It’s delicious to focus on the world, not the rules, which was the whole point of this game’s design.

Without any more bumbling:

Here is version 0.2 of Adventure Hour, open to comments from you.

Yes, it’s messy. Yes, it’s incomplete. Yes, I will include a fun adventure in the final product.

But it’s OUT THERE.

Looking for feedback/appreciation/ruthless criticism.

See you, wandering internet traveller…

9 thoughts on “Adventure Hour! Second Draft

  1. Your tips are always practical and right to the point, and I live seeing the evolution of this project!
    I see that you talk about the d66 gear table in character creation, and that you posted one in your blog. I think it would be cool to have the list in the rules for reference, and if you made a different table for your avatar/fantasy/harry potter games, it would be cool to see them so that you already have “settings” to play with

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