Squires Errant

Art from the game.

Squires Errant is a game made for the Eclectic Bastion Jam by Tim B. of quarterlingscorner.blogspot.com.

Squires Errant lists the Special Attacks and the dice mechanics of Red Ink Adventures 2.0 as a few of its inspirations. It has a clean layout, cool ideas, and expands on the ideas of exploration and combat without sacrificing concision or page count. You start in debt, you want to become a knight, it only uses d6… Well done.

Sidenote: it’s another game that explicitly uses Time-Tracking. After watching Ben Milton’s video on the Lost Rules of Dungeon Crawling, I’m thinking this may be more valuable than I had been giving it credit.

My name being listed near Chris, Ben, and Arnold’s is pretty neat, not going to lie.

Anyway, throw Tim a couple of bucks if you choose. As a fellow college-age designer, I totally get it.

Fans of Electric Bastionland, be sure to check out all of the other submissions for the Eclectic Bastion Jam out there. It’s great stuff.

One thought on “Squires Errant

  1. I’ve been really busy with non-hobby things this past month, so I somehow managed to completely miss that you made this post. Thanks so much for sharing it, it felt really cool to scroll your blog see it here!

    The version of the game I’m developing behind the scenes had actually gotten rid of time-tracking, because my rules for it felt half-baked and I wanted to make room for other rules in the layout, haha. But now you have me considering re-adding it. I don’t think “make an encounter roll whenever the players idle or make noise” is a terrible compromise for random encounters, but I don’t know a substitute for time-tracking when it comes to waning light-sources.

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