Happy 1.5 years and 100 posts!

Shipwright. For all of the coolest art.

This blog turns 1.5 years old on it 100th post. Wow. Not so much that “time flies” but so much has happened.

I got into this gig because I was making things for my Maze Rats campaign. I owe so much to that game.

I stayed in this gig because of people like Yochai Gal, Jim Parkin, and Norbert Matausch. Thanks, guys.

I am staying in this gig because it has now (some way, somehow) proved to be profitable. I’m still in shock.

I am staying in this gig because of readers like you. 🙂

Here are the top five of the 100 total posts of the last year and a half:

However, I am most proud of this post about Advantage and Impact. It’s demonstrated the greatest shift in my thinking about RPG design and really opened the doors to playing more interesting worlds with simpler systems. It’s the best of both… yeah, you get it.

Red Ink Adventures has the most views and discussion of all of my games, but I am the most proud of Blood in the Snow. Lots packed into two pages and lots of work put into that layout.

I got to interview fellow teacher and designer Ben Milton (here and here) who was and has been so welcoming into the blogosphere. Being mentioned in The Glatisant RPG newsletter a handful of times has rocked my world.

As far as the influence of this blog goes, I was interested to see that Sean McCoy over at Failure Tolerated will be removing levels from Mothership because of an article or two he read from me. That raised my eyebrows. That’s Ennie-winning stuff that he’s doing over there, so that’s certainly high praise.

My favorite game since starting this blog is Electric Bastionland. My friends have a joke (rooted in the absolute truth) that the reason I come to board game night is purely based on the chance of running that game. Go find the free version and more about the game on Chris McDowall’s blog.

Since starting this blog, I have run many more games, which was more or less the personal goal for me. That and write more. I’ve run open table games of Maze Rats, Blades in the Dark, and Hot Springs Island. I’ve had many sessions with young players. Plenty of one-shots for folks.

I find it easier than ever to share my hobby with others, mostly as it becomes more difficult to hide how all-consuming this hobby is in my life. It’s now a joy of mine to watch people’s minds be blown by the possibilities that lay behind the deceptively simple tools of dice and talking.

Thanks for sharing this adventure with me.

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