Adventure Hour! d66 Starting Packages

This picture is a MASTAPEECE. Shipwright.

I’ve had a couple people reach out about running games for kids (how to do it, what rules to use, what adventures are good) so I’m accumulating resources as I continue prep for my Outschool classes.

So here are d66 sets of starting items for your Adventure Games with younger players. Roll two six-sided dice. The first die is the tens place, the second is the ones place.

11Loyal dog
Magnifying glass
Cool hat
12Transform ring
Loaf of bread
Switch wand (3x)
13Bo staff
Yelling mask
Hot pie
14Boxing gloves
Jumping boots
Sneeze dust
15Ice wand (3x)
Magnate stick
Prized painting
16Samurai armor
Acid vial (3x)
Grappling hook
21Fire sword
School backpack
Flash powder
22Living cape
Family shield
Matches (3x)
23Wooden oar
Glow chalk
Wig disguise
Unbreakable lasso
25Bow of light
Bag of marbles
Mirror shield
Tiny bombs (3x)
Infinite string
31Big hammer
King’s crown
Pot of glue
33Web wand (3x)
Fancy clothes
Seed collection
34Ninja stars
Pack of gum (3x)
Smuggle cloak
Dynamite (3x)
Water bottle
36Twin swords
Bucket of water
41Metal fists
Pixie dust (3x)
Top hat
43Fishing rod
Fake gold coin
Gremlin in a jar
44Dragon’s tooth
Size wand (3x)
Energy potion
45Giant bug net
Pet ferret
Bag of dirt
Candles (3x)
51Frying pan
Pot of grease
Sleep powder
Loud trumpet
53Lightning spear
Metal chain
Cloth glider
Wing shield
Royal flag
55Pirate cutlass
Smoke powder
56Tree branch
Poison vial (3x)
Apples (3x)
61Lumber axe
Silver whistle
Magic rope
Hypnotic watch
Lock and key
Full armor suit
Pet sunflower
64Claw gloves
Monster egg
Teleport scroll
Golden flute
Cooking oil
66Wooden bat
Wrench and tools
Robot pal

Yes, this list is VERY anachronistic. There’s usually at least one protection included in each package (or something that can serve to protect you, like swinging the telescope in #62). Sometimes there’s a tool with more than one use or more than one way to use it. Some items have some “blanks” to fill in. Some add to the history of the character. Some are just cool. The ’00s kid in me loves the idea of a skateboard (#32). My favorite is probably #43 or #45. The one with the highest combat potential is #53. Don’t ask me what #13 is all about.

Three items isn’t that much, but player’s inventories are kept very visible in my games so everyone knows who has what. That allows them to suggest a plan that involves someone else’s item. It’s a big part of the cooperation in the game.

Have fun! 🙂

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