Electric Bastionland: NPC Creation Meditation Table

Walking through Bastion, come across some Bastiards, none too normal. By Shipwright.
1-2Human (“People”, p. 280)1-2Career (failed or otherwise, p. 18-235)
3Mockery (p. 282)3Patron (p. 253)
4Machine (p. 284)4Specialist (p. 253)
5Alien (p. 286)5Mercenary (p. 253)
6Monstrocity (p. 288)6Shopkeeper (p. 253)

While watching Chris McDowall continuing to make awesome content on twitch, I constructed this table for my own NPC creation exercises.

It starts the flow of creative juices. Just roll 2d6 and visit those pages for a reminder how how that inhabitant/role functions. Also use the templates as a starting point, then twist them to meet your needs.

I’ve been rolling on it all morning…

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