Space & Solitude: Play Report

Headless in space. Two is company… A. Shipwright.

I played a solo game of Chris McDowall’s.

Here’s the log after 45 minutes of play:

Space Log

Goal: Find my brother.

Onboard the Eagle.

Been keeping things afloat.

Glad to keep my routine in check.

There is a star here. Used to know what its name. Now, stars are just stars. Gaze in awe, but avoid.

Set the navigation. Other side of that star should do. Can’t see it from here…

Back to work.

The electricity has been on the fritz. The lights went on and off again during downtime.

The sticky, rainy mornings are something I remember from summers spent working. I had time then too. Nothing but time. I’d go for a jog in the cool drizzle.

Now moisture sticks in the inside of the glass. The only humidity is from my own breath.

Drink of water to keep me grounded. Replenish.

The processed water is my urine, one month removed. What was I doing one month ago? Check the log. Oh gosh. I forgot about that screw. Came flying into the window, cracked the glass. I nearly ruined my favorite suit.

Put the water down. The star is behind us.


All those clouds on that planet’s surface.

A shape calls out, looking like whale. That one looks like a camel…


Make more repairs, then I’ll go down.

Gah! Stupid frayed wire, stupid lights, stupid shock. I’m done with this. 

Missed the ground. Like a moron. Gotta find a better spot to land. Controls are a bit touchy right now…

What about here? The ground’s still foggy, but I’m getting a good read…


Whelp. The landing gear is okay (for the most part) but that one leg is stuck. More time, more repairs.

I’m done using my tools for right now. Time to just get out and look around.

Looking out the window, it’d really suck to get stuck out there. If the electricity goes while I’m out, I’m gonna be pissed.

I’m not in a good place right now. I’ll send a note back home. The parents like a good update, and I’m not one to let them worry. No introduction, just list what’s happening. Talk about the stars, the surfaces, the solitude. Leave out the bit with the electricity and the landing gear. I’m sure the time this reaches them I’ll have both of those problems figured out anyway.

Maybe I was too flippant with the details. It sounds like I’m whining about being in space. As if there’s some big opportunity I’m missing out on by being adrift…

Well, that didn’t help me. But it’s time to move on.

Final repairs. Found the tape. Never underestimate tape to cover the frayed edges. And gloves. Always wear gloves.


Doors are open.

Set out.

Things are hard to see. I keep waving my hand in front of my face. Something sounds like a voice. Over a radio?

Is there?


A shape?

If I keep lower to the ground I…


I’m NOT looking where I’m going!

Why is there moss on these rocks?! 

Air leaking, shin throbbing.

My hands are okay, even after catching myself from the fall. Gloves, man, I’m telling you.

Medical attention. In the field.

Still hear the radio voices…


“…lower unit…”

The signals aren’t from my devices… or the ship…

The tape covers the tear in my suit, thank God. 

Tape and gloves, tape and gloves.

Maybe it’s a broadcast I need. Something to send out to whoever’s out there. It’s not totally out of the realm of plausibility…

“This is the Eagle. Anyone out here?”

Keep walking out, away from the ship.

“…it’s not the cleaning that’s the…”


Who IS this?



Wait a spell…

Yep, good as dead.

Perhaps it was a reverb.

In any case, it’s no good to me now…


The light!

There’s a Canister here!

Approach with care.

Some are trapped, after all.

The regulation marks are there…

Henderson’s Exploration Guild, yadda yadda…

If it’s a fake, they made it look pretty good.

Sign-in. Display still functions. The buttons are a bit of a hassle, especially in gloves.

Anyone here recently?

“The Raptor?”



None I recognize…


Scroll up.


Brother’s crew-mate was on the Andromeda… Bookworm, sour attitude.

This find is next to nothing.


The Andromeda did not fill the “Destination” box. No surprise there. Who does?

Quick log “Eagle.”

Exit the program.

Make my way back.

Ah, that leg again.

My leg still hurts, too, you know.

One swift kick with my (good) leg sets it straight.


Off I go…

I like it. There’s some neat dice tricks in there that keeps things monotonous enough without being boring. Strange, right?

One thought on “Space & Solitude: Play Report

  1. I wonder what the shortest time there has been between a game being published and a play-report in response? I think this one might be close!

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