Adventure Hour! Pitch and Draft

Card Wars. Shipwright.

Here is the first draft of the game!

I may becoming a professional GM in the near future.

I mean, I play fantasy games for a hobby, so why not dream a little?

I was shown an online service called Outschool that connects teachers and students, allowing teachers to run the classes they want and students to pay for the classes they want to attend. There’s your standard math and SAT prep classes. But then there’s also art lessons and Harry Potter lore lectures. I love that. It’s a bit of the wild west out there as far as classes in an open market where the best classes continue living and making money and the others don’t.

One class I saw after previewing the site was titled “Sleepy Hollow: A Special Dungeons & Dragons Adventure.” My jaw hit the floor. Cool fiction AND cool games in the particle-collider of capitalism? I could run that. Sign me up!

So I want to see if providing the service of running adventure games is worth people’s time and money. Even if this doesn’t pan out, it’s a neat thought experiment. How would you run the game over the Internet? What tools would you have open? What would prep look like? What system would you use?

I can tell you that D&D 5e would KILL me to run online. I’d rather choke on a d20.

After dorking with Arnesonian design in Middle-Earth Adventures, a game born out of the desire to play RPGs with my father over the Internet, I found that I wanted something equally stripped back. All four to six character sheets should be able to fit on one screen. Use only d6s. Maybe it could include some GM prep so that students could run it themselves someday.

There’d be a focus on OSR problem-solving, not storytelling as many of these other classes sell themselves…

Anyways, here’s the pitch.

“Adventure Hour!” is a role-playing game (RPG), an imaginative conversation that has rules to guide the discussion. You might be familiar with Dungeons and Dragons as one of the oldest, most popular RPGs. You and the other players will take on the role of heroes who explore the world, overcome obstacles, and help others. Over the course of play, you can expect opportunities to problem-solve, cooperate, and engage in critical thinking. You will make choices that cause you and your team to succeed or fail.

In this game, you can also find the same level of cartoon violence that would be seen in  in a TV show like Avatar: The Last Airbender or Adventure Time or in a video game like Minecraft, Zelda, or Super Smash Bros. Fighting is a type of problem-solving, although it is rarely the only (or wisest) option.

“Adventure Hour!” is a free RPG created by me and meant to be as accessible as possible and easy to play online. You don’t need to bring anything and the rules will be taught during the game. The title makes two promises: you will go on a thrilling and dangerous adventure, and it will only take an hour of your time.

I look forward to seeing you in class.

Basically, I want to justify my having watched all ten seasons of Adventure Time!…

You play as a someone from our world. It’s Portal Fantasy/Trapping in Another World (WARNING: TV TROPES). But, I wanted to skip the origin story. You’re an established adventurer.

I also wanted the GM prep from Lasers and Feelings/Scrolls and Swords, although I will most likely be using 100 Ghibli plot hooks.

Here is the first draft of the game!

10 thoughts on “Adventure Hour! Pitch and Draft

  1. Very cool! I’ve been enjoying your blog and think you could get kids/students a good start with role-playing games (more nuanced in ways of doing thing than 5e that they will inevitable run into anyway if they look for more). Some tiny suggestions for your pitch:

    Change “like Dungeons and Dragons” to “as Dungeons and Dragons”. And/or perhaps modify the sentence to flow better (not repeat game(s)?)?
    Would newcomers know what is meant by “party”? Better to use “team” or “friends” or “fellow players”?
    “Combat” is a bit technical and strange word for newcomers, no? How about “fighting” or “violence”?

    Wish you the best of luck and please report if you get to run any games!

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