Adventure Hour! RPG

Read the preview and purchase the rules here!


What you are reading describes a game but is not in itself a game. While other games have winners and losers, every player of this game is a winner if they enjoyed the process of play and the shared experience of the story they made together.

Adventure Hour! is a fantasy role-playing game (or RPG) about creativity, exploration, and problem-solving. The game runs for one hour per session, a little longer than a TV show episode. The actual length is based on the preferences of your group but stay on the side of shorter sessions to keep up the energy and enjoyment of the game. You can always keep playing another time!

One participant acts as the Game Master (GM) while the remaining two to five players take on the role of adventurers. In addition to these rules, the group will need a six-sided die (d6) or a dice roller that fills the same function.

Although this game is played face-to-face at the table or through a video call, the core of the game is a conversation; the GM tells the players what is happening in the world, the players tell the GM what their characters do in response, and the GM describes how their actions in turn affect the world.

The world is also a participant of the game. It’s the place where the action happens and has a say in the content and tone of the game. By inhabiting the imagination of all players, the group builds a shared understanding of what is happening in play. The world helps guide these decisions.

Remember: Treat the world as a real place. Don’t worry too much about the rules. Trust each other. Be fair. Play to find out what happens!

Roles and Responsibilities

The players’ job is simple: roleplay the personalities and actions of their characters, interact with the situations presented by the GM, explore a fantastic world, and work together to overcome obstacles. Characters develop during play, gaining and losing items, traits, and skills along the way which makes them more experienced, potent, and bizarre. Only the cleverest players will leverage these acquisitions and setbacks to their advantage. Best of luck!

The Game Master is the game’s host and facilitator. Their job is the most difficult, but also the most rewarding. A good GM is someone with a great imagination and people skills, who enjoys improvising and helping others have fun. Their primary duties include playing the other characters, creating and running the world, establishing situations for the players to interact with, adapting to the unpredictable choices of the players, applying the rules, and changing the rules to improve the game. 

To Begin Play

To start, each player creates their character (see ‘Character Creation’). The GM comes to the game with preparation of their own (see ‘Preparing the Game’). Don’t worry, GM, this game has you covered for your very first adventure (see ‘Very First Adventure’).

Get everyone together at a scheduled time. Get comfortable, bring snacks, chat for a bit. Then, when everyone is ready, play begins.

Read the preview and purchase the rules here!

11 thoughts on “Adventure Hour! RPG

  1. Very cool! I’ve been enjoying your blog and think you could get kids/students a good start with role-playing games (more nuanced in ways of doing thing than 5e that they will inevitable run into anyway if they look for more). Some tiny suggestions for your pitch:

    Change “like Dungeons and Dragons” to “as Dungeons and Dragons”. And/or perhaps modify the sentence to flow better (not repeat game(s)?)?
    Would newcomers know what is meant by “party”? Better to use “team” or “friends” or “fellow players”?
    “Combat” is a bit technical and strange word for newcomers, no? How about “fighting” or “violence”?

    Wish you the best of luck and please report if you get to run any games!

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