Electric Bastionland: NPC Creation Meditation Table

Walking through Bastion, come across some Bastiards, none too normal. By Shipwright. d6Inhabitantd6Role1-2Human ("People", p. 280)1-2Career (failed or otherwise, p. 18-235)3Mockery (p. 282)3Patron (p. 253)4Machine (p. 284)4Specialist (p. 253)5Alien (p. 286)5Mercenary (p. 253)6Monstrocity (p. 288)6Shopkeeper (p. 253) While watching Chris McDowall continuing to make awesome content on twitch, I constructed this table for my own … Continue reading Electric Bastionland: NPC Creation Meditation Table

Playing with Youngers: Animal Kingdom

Shipwright This is part of the “Playing with Youngers” series, but requires no additional context to read and enjoy. Find the rest of the series here. ...Then everything changed when the girls wanted to play. When two other girls insisted that the boys share their adventure game with them, the boys were pretty hesitant. I’ll … Continue reading Playing with Youngers: Animal Kingdom