Luck Tables for Rumors

Over a drink, I say. A. Shipwright.

Electric Bastionland has a strong luck table format/formula (d6):

  • 1 – Crisis/Rare: Something that needs addressing immediately, usually bad.
  • 2-3 – Warning/Uncommon: A threat or situation that has potential to get serious soon.
  • 4+ – Normal: The outcome you would expect to be most likely, normally the least threatening.

Now an encounter table in Electric Bastionland fills each of these six entries according to the category of result. You get one big, messy encounter, two “uncommons”, and three varied but basic encounters.

Here’s an example from an adventure set in a prison I recently ran:

  1. Massive Fleshman worriedly trying to escape. STR 18, 10 HP, fists (d8 each).
  2. Two pushy Steamguards, asking for identification. STR 15, 5 HP, punch-hammer (d8).
  3. Steamguard, on the fritz. Demands you return to your cell, but is easily fooled.
  4. Two Guards, acting out a prisoner escape out of sheer, imaginative boredom. STR 13, CHA 7, 3 HP, knife (d6).
  5. Three Guards, talking through their comrade’s divorce. There’s cake too.
  6. Six Guards and the warden, wanting to put on a good show for the inspector.

This format is so good, let’s apply it to our RUMOR tables:

  • 1 – False: The statement is knowingly or unknowingly a lie.
  • 2-3 – Partially True: It’s a fact, but there are elements that are missing or exaggerated.
  • 4+ – True: You can take their good word for it.

Here’s an example of six rumors that fill out our d6 Rumor table:

  1. Granny Hudgins uses the adoption of urchins as a critical component of a slave trade (False. Her eldest adopted daughter is running a slave trade without Granny’s knowledge.).
  2. Baby fat is the primary delicacy at Storhuss Manor (Partially True. They eat the fat of baby piglets, not humans).
  3. The Master Ruffian is hiring for a union riot (Partially True. The mob is more out for blood than better working conditions).
  4. The secret knock to Dr. Anorance’s secret storeroom is three quick knocks, followed by a low grunt (True. Only the best ointments can be found there).
  5. The train schedule in High Garden can be changed for a simple bribe of seven pounds (True. Maybe you can actually make the trains run on time in Bastion, but I doubt it).
  6. Trials of a drug that partially transform the subject into a monkey are starting tomorrow (True. They also pay pretty well).

One thought on “Luck Tables for Rumors

  1. Hmm. I really dig the encounters. I prefer to have all rumours fall into the “partially true” category since that is where the most fun is, I find

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