Any Planet Is Earth

The only art needed in the game. Credit: Jeff Woodman.

There’s a project which I am credited for “generous and critical feedback.” I had no idea my frothings and ravings could be construed as such. Very kind words.

The project is called “Any Planet Is Earth” and was created by Annowme on Discord / Jim of d66 Classless Kobolds.

It draws on old games like Traveller but also newer games like Into the Odd and Maze Rats. The use of 2d6 alone makes it feel heavily of Powered by the Apocalypse and the old Blackmoor games. There’s something very satisfying about rolling two dice that a single d20 just can’t touch…

One problem with ultra-lite games like this one is the tendency to provide quick rules (great!) but then leave the GM hanging when it comes to prep and inspiration. This game does NOT do that at all. Even with only six pages, these rules contain a great couple of paragraphs on how to referee the game and then provides two FULL pages of 6×6 tables for inspiration (ala Maze Rats). Make the GM want to run the game, and the players will flock to them.

It’s three bucks on DriveThruRPG or That’s a great rate for independent designers on their word processors with a lot of love for the hobby (I should know).

And I get nothing but the satisfaction that more great games are being birthed, bought, and brought to the table!

See you, space cowboy…

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