Middle-Earth Adventures v0.3

A. Shipwright.

Here are the v0.3 rules.

Quick post:

Layout and wording changes. I got annoyed with some things after printing it out. This fixes 99% of my annoyances.

Reduce, reduce, reduce. Three bulky items, pick two weapons, no more adventuring gear, abstract money, clarity on how to heal.

Perspective. Now the rules only address “you” once. And that’s to give permission to add to the game. Besides that, the game refers to characters only. It’s a small tweak, but keeps the voice of the rules consistent.

Still one page. Killin’ it.

Here are the v0.3 rules.

The previous “Middle-Earth Adventure” posts have been updated to include this newest version adjacent to to the older versions. You can do some nice “spot the difference” if you choose. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Middle-Earth Adventures v0.3

  1. Really excellent. It’s funny that at the end of the day, reducing all dice contests simply to “winner dictates next thing” is what we’re already doing, just trimming out all of the cruft. As someone coming from a very modern RPG background years ago, I am very familiar with needing all possibilities clearly explained and articulated ahead of time, but the more pages I slash from anything I play, run, or tinker with, the easier everyone has simply using their imaginations. Whooda thunk?

  2. I love how this game reads and I want to run it very soon.

    One suggestion though – I don’t think the words “Reward” and “Virtue” help in character creation. It strikes me as odd to pick a “Reward” which can include an ally, and a “Virtue” which can include a skill.

    I’m bad at naming so I don’t have a great suggestion otherwise, but I just feel like there’s some more precise that could be used in those instances.

    Anyway, thanks for the awesome game!

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