Red Ink Adventures v2.0

The Red Ink Adventures continue! In another attempt to scratch that simple, vanilla fantasy, Into the Odd-inspired itch, I made a new edition of RIA.

Here are the rules!


  • PCs have a ~50% chance to succeed. The target number for Danger Rolls is 5 or higher.
  • This is because there is no more advantage. After writing about it, making “advantages” diegetic seems more appropriate and playable. So now it’s called “Effect” so as to not get people confused about how many (more) dice to roll. This is the biggest and most important change.
  • Special attacks.
  • Scars are out, Dying is different.
  • Encumbrance copied from Electric Bastionland.
  • Knowledge and perception rules.
  • Fortune + Hazard roll.
  • d66 Debts.

This practice is gearing me up for future projects. How exciting!

EDIT: After some additional playtesting, Health has been changed to a max of 6 with death occurring at -6 or lower. Thanks VonRader on the Questing Beast Discord! 🙂

5 thoughts on “Red Ink Adventures v2.0

  1. Hey I just want to say I used Red Ink Adventures v2.0 as a ruleset system yesterday to play a DCC funnel module with, it was great. Thank you for sharing this cool system.
    What’s the story behind the name “Red Ink Adventure”? Is that a somewhat reference to the “Red Box” of DnD or something else?

    1. Rock on! Glad you enjoyed it. 🙂

      After playing Electric Bastionland, I knew I wanted there to be a reason to adventure built into the game, which is where the idea of debt came from. “Red Ink” is used to refer to a held debt. You’re “in the red” instead of “in the black” (making a profit). And “ink” has a kind of fantasy feel to me. I tend to think of ink and quill more than printer ink.

      I did play the Red Box as my first game though it was the 4th edition DnD version. I wish I would’ve thought to be clever enough to make that a part of the original reference, but it wasn’t.

      Anyways, I’m thrilled you found it useful at your table. That’s what this is all about.

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