Sails and Stars

“Intergalactic Bastionland” (the future child of Electric Bastionland) has sparked my imagination. From Chris’s blog:

The general concept for the Living Stars is:

  • It’s not like real space.
  • Everything is changing and moving.
  • Each star represents something, has an agenda, and the means to act on it.

That first bullet point has me chomping at the bit. Bending the rules of space reminds me heavily of “Sails and Stars,” a favorite genre (if you could call it that) of mine. The idea is, essentially, that being in “space” doesn’t kill you and then ramp up the space fantasy. There is still zero gravity and stars that’ll melt your face if you get too close, but it’s not as harsh. Dangers still exist in this version of “space” but not in the “one microscopic tear in your spacesuit and you’re a dead man” kind of way. You’re more likely to be killed by laser muskets, black holes, and space wyrms in “Sails and Stars.”

With “space” as breathable, habitable areas but still zero G, you get more styles of transportation than your classic rocket ship.

It’s Treasure Planet, an awesomely underrated animated film from the early ’00s:

It’s the the RPG Lady Blackbird where “the worlds of the Wild Blue float in a sky of breathable gases circling a small, cold star.” It’s also Sails Full of Stars, an RPG supplement, set in “a world where merchant and military vessels unfurl their sails in the vacuum of space.”

Heck, let’s get some more art from A. Shipwright while we’re at it:

It puts a whole new spin on the phrase “solar winds.”

Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum, space pirate!

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