Sails and Stars

"Intergalactic Bastionland" (the future child of Electric Bastionland) has sparked my imagination. From Chris's blog: The general concept for the Living Stars is: It’s not like real space.Everything is changing and moving.Each star represents something, has an agenda, and the means to act on it. That first bullet point has me chomping at the bit. Bending the … Continue reading Sails and Stars

Electric Bastionland: The Rival Clock

I feel like this Rivalry would end in an "Indy shoot-out." No gun beats a djinn... Twenty days since the last post. Finals, moving, and many, many, papers behind me. A whole summer ahead! I can't, CAN'T, CANNOT stop reading Electric Bastionland (EB). The flavor, the three-pointed lists, the artwork! It's all delicious and I … Continue reading Electric Bastionland: The Rival Clock