Electric Bastionland

Electric Bastionland is out for backers.

The Oddendum has a whole bunch of essays about how to run the game. It is because these essays are in the game that I wanted it so bad. Chris McDowall is able to put things so simply, it’s perfect. Here’s Chris on Information in the game:

In RPGs, questions are gameplay.

Players cannot make a proper choice unless they have enough information!

Knowledge and perception rolls are the worst offenders of not understanding the importance of Information. When I see them in use I wonder what would be lost by just giving the players the information?

I want players to imagine the situation their characters are in and think of a clever solution. Asking for more information should be rewarded! If they ask smart questions I give them useful answers.

Whatever you’re planning, think in advance about how you’re going to present it to the players, and how you’re going to give them enough information to make a proper choice.

Yes. Yes they are.

I’ve read through the whole thing now. I can’t run it because of other obligations, but I can’t wait to do so. The GM-side, as I’ve said is great. The Player-side is quick and flashy and chock-full of 100+ excellent backgrounds. 10/10

I guess there’s a preview here? Take a look.

Low quality meme for your enjoyment

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