Red Ink Adventures: Resurrection

We talked about Dying before. This is what happens after death. In Red Ink Adventures, “When a PC dies, create a new PC who inherits their items, property, and Debt. Either increase the group Debt by 1,000 coins for funeral expenses or else their restless soul seeks vengeance.” That ’s the rules as they stand. It gives death a lasting impact besides “Squeegle II is no longer with us.” Your end goal is impacted by a death. There are lasting consequences where usually death is just the easy way out. 

BUT. What if you had a third option where the party could resurrect the PC? Their options would instead look like this:

  1. Pay 0 coins –> their restless soul seeks vengeance
  2. Pay 1000 coins –> their soul is laid to rest
  3. Pay 3000 coins –> their soul is resurrected

Looks interesting. Then I stumbled back across notes I had from an old episode of Sharkbone on resurrection from a long time ago.

Quick sidebar. Sharkbone was an excellent RPG podcast for movie nerds like me who can’t stop talking about TVtropes. The old format of this show’s run brought up movies and had each of the hosts stealing ideas to ramp up the awesome in your game. A perfect Venn diagram of nerdy for me. What a good time.

Moving along, I wrote down some of the ways that resurrection could have a long-term impact beyond putting the group further in debt. Why not have fun with this?

  1. Changed Body. Your eyes are a different color. You have two left hands. A heart was misplaced in your leg. You come back aged. 
  2. Scar. Using the rules of the game as they are, you could just come back with a Scar based on the wound that killed you.
  3. Reincarnation. You come back as different race or even as a monster. Enjoy being a rhino or dinosaur.
  4. Stat Spiral. Your maximum Health or stats (STR, DEX, CHA) are reduced.
  5. Psychological Damage. You remember your death with crystal clarity. It’s still painful and you’ve been having flashbacks.
  6. Stench. People do not trust you much anymore. You reek of death and decay.

Perhaps there are other ways to become resurrected that doesn’t *directly* cost coins?

  • Gamble. Play poker or some other game of chance with Death.
  • Rescue. Fetch your friend from the Underworld or the Great Beyond. Whatever you call it.
  • Ritual. “Get the bizarre items off of this list and we’ll make it happen on the next blood moon. No worries.”
  • Supplicate. Ask a deity. They’ll obviously want something in return. Vengeance on a someone who upset them, destruction of a city, the perfect puppy. You know how it is.

I do love the idea of a bunch of people constantly getting resurrected and escaping payment. Living the life of an immortal under a crushing debt. Imagine if eventually you become so far in debt that your Creditor resurrects you just to work off your already massive debt. 

That’s all for today folks.

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