Red Ink Slashed: An RIA Hack

Here is a hack of Red Ink Adventures from u/StrongholdPressGames!

This is a link to the discussion over at r/osr!

Some changes I noticed:

  • Flexible Target Number. Not all Danger Rolls are “6 or bust.”
  • Initiative is 1d vs 1d, higher goes first.
  • Attack Rolls are Opposed Rolls. This also changes how damage works.
  • Dying Roll is switched around.
  • Scars make PCs weaker, not stronger.
  • Roll Abilities twice (and choose, I think?)

The Creditors sectioned has stayed the same across rulesets. That table is the entire setting of the game and I’m really itching to make more of them (or see more of them). I see The Creditors as being like Troika! backgrounds: easy to roll and easy to hack/change, but implies a LOT about the setting. Remember, just because you don’t roll a Creditor doesn’t mean they’re gone from existence.

Speaking of Troika!, the combat rules they lay out in their hack is pretty close to what I’m going for in a hack that breaches the gap between Red Ink Adventures and Troika!… Stay tuned~

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