Open Table Game: Star Wars Rebels

Star Wars is LIVED in.

It’s been a while since I’ve made an open table pitch. Read this if you’re unfamiliar with what they are or how they work.

After watching Episode IX and Star Wars Rebels, I’ve come to the conclusion that ONLY the only interesting Jedi are low-powered Jedi. Otherwise, you get crazy powers that are just silly and every new movie changes how the Force works and what is possible. Enough of that.

I am still in love with the scrappy, rebellious, Firefly-like side of Star Wars. The Rebellion Era. THAT’S Star Wars to me.

I also love the military, mission style of play. I think it fits the open table-style game really well. So without further ado:

Open Table of Open Rebellion

Team goal: The players are a team of spies on a hidden rebel base going on missions to aid the Rebellion against the Empire however they can.

What’s the rush: Each session, the players select/are given a mission to complete.

Reason they can’t stick around: Stormtroopers have a rapid response time and can arrive with more units/better weaponry very quickly. I would definitely use a real-life timer to show how much time until the “big boys” show up. This definitely plays into the “scrappy underdog” mentality.

Impending Doom: The Empire finds and destroys the hidden rebel base. It basically turns into the Battle for Hoth. Can the rebellion escape to fight another day? Or will they be crushed by Imperial forces? Alternatively, if they’re on a starship, you could do a massive space battle.

The only thing odd about this one that I can’t decide on is whether or not the players are given or select the mission. Maybe it comes down to the preference of the GM. I like the selection process (because players like to choose) but the assignment process seems more secret agent-y/military minded. Compound that with the fact that you can’t really have players choose between two or more time-sensitive missions without being willing to discard the ones that aren’t chosen. It would be interesting, however to play out those consequences (“Last mission you blew up an imperial factory instead of raiding a cargo convoy filled with resources and now your team in low on food and ammo…”).

For the system, I might choose FATE Accelerated, Age of Rebellion, or a modded Uncharted Worlds.

Here’s a quick table:

The Target

  1. Imperial Prison
  2. Imperial Factory/Shipyard
  3. Imperial Official/Officer
  4. Imperial Supplies
  5. Imperial Data Center
  6. Imperial Slave Center

The Place

  1. Outer Rim/Wasteland Planet
  2. Imperial Core Planet
  3. Jedi Temple/Holy Site
  4. On the same planet as the Rebel Base
  5. Planet controlled by the Hutts
  6. Imperial Star Destroyer/Death Star

The Twist (IT’S A TRAP)

  1. A dangerous individual is also here (Vader, Tarkin, Thrawn, one of the many bounty hunters).
  2. A local group/bounty hunter/fringer is also going for the same Target.
  3. The Place is also a research facility/testing site for dangerous new technology.
  4. There are actually two Targets here of more or less equal value to the Rebellion.
  5. The Target has been evacuated/moved to another Place.
  6. The Target is a trap for something more important.

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