Red Ink Adventures: Special Attacks

A. Shipwright It’s no surprise that Red Ink Adventures draws heavily from Into the Odd (and it’s cousin Electric Bastionland). Chris McDowall, creator of Into the Odd, wrote about how he runs his own game, monster design, and how special attacks work. His advice: don’t make soft monsters. Into the Odd monsters shouldn't have abilities … Continue reading Red Ink Adventures: Special Attacks

Red Ink Adventures: d66 Debts

In Red Ink Adventures, the group starts 10,000 coins in debt. Roll what they bought/invested in below (d66): A. Shipwright 11- Sparkcraft servant12- Large boat with a big cannon13- Upkeep of a family mansion14- Many lottery tickets15- Twelves bags of holding16- Education21- Sky-blimp22- Ballista/trebuchet23- Several horses and livestock24- The best wardrobe in the city25- Prototype … Continue reading Red Ink Adventures: d66 Debts

Union: Troika! + Red Ink Adventures

Confession #1: I don’t like roll-under systems. Don’t get me wrong, I adore Into the Odd, but that’s mostly because of the simplified tri-stat characters and razor-sharp, wicked fast combat. The math is opposite and it feels wrong. Confession #2: I love six-sided dice. A lot. Most gamers use d20, which is fine. But nothing … Continue reading Union: Troika! + Red Ink Adventures

Union: Veins of the Earth + Mausritter = Hollow Knight

I consume a lot of media. I've also been trained by my liberal arts education (whoopee) to connect things and cross-pollenate them to make them awesome. It's a bad habit.  Anyways, I've already connected games like Maze Rats and Hot Springs Island with an integrated ruleset, so doing this for other modules and rulesets is … Continue reading Union: Veins of the Earth + Mausritter = Hollow Knight

Maze Rats+Hot Springs Island: Music and Opening the Table

Map of the Island So it begins. Having already married the superb Maze Rats and the illustrious Hot Springs Island together in this new ruleset of Maze Rats for Tabletop Adventure Game/NSR/OSR junkies like myself, the next campaign for the semester has started. The first session went down with three players. It's a soft start … Continue reading Maze Rats+Hot Springs Island: Music and Opening the Table