Code of Conduct

I took the time to actually write this stuff out. I read an article about why commandments/rules/contracts are important for RPGs. I stole some principles from the original article, some from OSR principle sheets, some from John Wick. Steal from me if you wish. I would encourage you to compile your own.

GM Code of Conduct

  • I am the Game Master. I own the game.
  • You’re welcome at my table if you abide by my rules.
  • Every offense deserves an apology and needs forgiveness.
  • RPGs don’t work without trust.
  • I am an impartial arbiter.
  • The rules are my tool.
  • The world is my character.
  • The spotlight is on you players.
  • I am an antagonist in the literary sense.
  • I am a cheerleader in the literal sense.

Player Code of Conduct

  • Make the most of our limited time.
  • Take the game seriously.
  • Adventurers lead exciting lives. Be proactive.
  • Play your character like you’re driving a stolen car.
  • The dice may kill your character.
  • The world isn’t balanced. You can leverage this.
  • Use what you got. You have more than you think.
  • When in doubt, ask questions.

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