Maze Rats v5 CharGen Preview

I love this game very much. 🙂

I’ve been working on a Maze Rats hack of my own. This is the character generation sheet. The “features” referenced on Step 3 is something I have yet to create.

Some rapid-fire changes I’m shooting for:

  • Lower armor (base 5 instead of 6)
  • Increased health (like, double maybe more)
  • No shield-breaking to change a hit to 0 damage
  • Dying rules instead of death at 0 health (Maze Knights)
  • New Dying rules includes Scars from the second edition of Into the Odd, Electric Bastionland (Kickstarter here!)
  • Attack Bonus (AB) based on weapon type (ranged = +0, light melee = +1, heavy melee = +2)
  • Change three features (+1 AB, +1 spell slot, +1 path) to full “feat-like” system
  • More powerful characters at level 1. Make death hurt a little less.
  • Many (72) brief, interesting backgrounds with a lot of room for interpretation

I’m going to use this to run Hot Springs Island. Very excited!

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