200 Word RPG Challenge Submission – Are You My Maker?

Learn more about the contest here.

This was a mentally exhausting task. Thank goodness I’m obsessive. However, my obsessive nature wouldn’t let me finalize the project until AFTER I submitted it. Whoops.

Are You My Maker?

One player is the Game Master. One player assumes the role of a silent Golem.

You need one RPG dice set. The Golem’s Hope starts at d12.

Begin play in the ever-expansive Sunless Sands.


  • What burning runes mark my hull?
  • What Threat lurks nearby?
  • What steading am I lumbering towards?

Then play five scenes, each centered on a possible Maker.


  • What is their Vocation?
  • How do they show themselves to be both kind and unkind?
  • How are we similar?
  • What do they want to use me for?

When the Golem communicates “are you my Maker?” roll Hope, then decrease the die size. If you rolled a 2 or lower, there is strong evidence they are.

After the fifth scene, the Threat descends upon you.


  • Whose servant are you?
  • Does the Threat overpower you?
  • What is your source of Hope?

D4 Threat

  1. demon vultures
  2. pale sandwyrm
  3. metal-hungry scavengers
  4. insane efreeti

D12 Vocation

  1. ember alchemist
  2. dust artist
  3. sitar master
  4. obsidian warlord
  5. caravan financier
  6. sandwyrm harpooner
  7. azure priestess
  8. crescent smith
  9. inventive urchin
  10. foreign astrologist
  11. alabaster princess
  12. silk magi


One Thousand and One Nights (book), Frankenstein (book), Dr. Seuss (author), The Iron Giant (movie) Journey (video game), Unearth (board game), The Sundered Land (role-playing game)

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