What’s going on at Hogwarts? (d20 table)

By Jim Salvati

A table I made for a friend who wanted to run a Harry Potter RPG. Were I to run this today, I’d probably use FATE Accelerated. Some of these I seem to remember lifting nearly wholesale from a “Harry-Potter-with-the-serial-numbers-filed-off” scenario for Hillfolk’s supplement “Blood on the Snow.” But *I* don’t fear the Rowling estate! Okay, maybe a little.

  1. A once highly placed, yet publicly forgiven follower of the dark arts lands a major position at Hogwarts. Do you trust them or do you think they still meddle in evil affairs?
  2. A fetching student (or teacher!) sets romantic sights on a temptation prone wizard. In the hands of a precocious spell-wielder, a crush can turn positively literal. 
  3. A house elf holds up a wizard by asking for help lifted a suit of armor. Why can’t he just make it levitate? And you’re late for class! Someone you admire would witness you turn your back on the helpless.
  4. Whispers… strange signs and portents… the tea leaves and crystal balls hint at something that cannot be explained… How can that even be POSSIBLE?! 
  5. Magical creatures break in during class and disrupt everything. They seem hostile and battle lines are drawn. How can you fight in this chaos?
  6. The Ministry of Magic demands that security officials be placed around the school grounds in light of recent dark happenings. How are you supposed to explain the “moderately legal” magical creatures you’ve been involved in breeding penned up mere paces from the school entrance?
  7. Headmaster announcement at dinner: 50 house points go to the first house that find his collection of chocolate frogs cards. His Nicholas Flamel was an extra shiny edition too. Shame.
  8. Academically, you’re in a tough spot. There’s a paper that needs writing. Surely you can convince that one nerd to do it for you? Or do they turn the tables on you and turn in a poor assignment instead?
  9. An antagonistic teacher suddenly pulls you out of a tough spot. Do they secretly care about you or are they just keeping you whole so they can put you in more pain later on?
  10. Students have been setting loose enchanted toads to crawl around the halls and target members of a particular house with their excrement. Who suddenly has it out for Ravenclaw?
  11. A friendly ghost requests your presence at a prestigious dinner. They forgot to mention that you will have a teacher you’ve been on shaky terms with sitting on one side of you, and a cunning goblin who only talks finances on the other.
  12. Christmas is here! Who’s leaving and who’s staying on campus? What will you do with your free time?
  13. The yearly dance is coming up and everyone’s in a frenzy. Who’s going with who? Wouldn’t it be terrible if members of the dark arts crashed the party?
  14. A prank involving toads profusely using obscenities gets pinned on the wizards. Can they prove their innocence?
  15. You stumble upon a secret passage of the school. Where does it lead? How did nobody notice this before?
  16. Your skills are put to the test in a game of wizard’s chess. Is there something more than your reputation on the line? Money perhaps? The affections of another?
  17. The final Quidditch match is here! But there are rumors of your house’s brooms being meddled with. Are the rumors true? Or has this information been planted by a third party?
  18. A teacher you respect asks you to take a run down into the dungeons. Upon finding some incriminating dark arts devices down there, you begin to question if your trust was misplaced.
  19. During potions class, one of the students sets off a thick cloud of love potion. In a room full of hormonal teenagers. It’s a bad day for a Ministry official to visit.
  20. A wizard’s parents have been receiving letters from them they didn’t write. Why would you send such awful poetry about sneaking into the girls’ dormitory?

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