Blood and Chrome RPG

Inspired by the likes of Bladerunner, Altered Carbon, Minority Report, Shadowrun, The Matrix, and the like, Blood and Chrome is a cyberpunk RPG about heists, harsh city life, and the cruelties of science and corporate thugs. Here is the first draft of the game, you replicant scum.

Design influences include Maze Rats, Into the Odd, Blades in the Dark, Uncharted Worlds, Cyberpunk 2020, Technoir, maybe a little Numenera(?) and the MANY rouge-like video games I’ve played.

Like the recent Pokemon RPG, there is not yet a character sheet for it. But you get the idea…

5 thoughts on “Blood and Chrome RPG

  1. Hello. I Like your game. It’s pretty clear & I will give it a try for a one shot. I have only one question. What is the Chrome stat? you mention it starts at zero and increase 1 per level. but what’s the use of it? thanks

    1. Blast from the past, here. Chrome is a stand-in for reputation. The higher your Chrome, the more expertise you’re known to have. People pay more, and ask you to do more dangerous missions. Eventually, you will get in over your head.

      Cool that you’re using this system. It’s been a while. 🙂

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