Campaign of Skorne: Endgame

The Maze Rats have their backs to the wall! In a stunning turn of events, Kothar, the guild’s lead wizard, has been attacked by an Artifact placed in the Bleak Hound tavern by the players, unaware of its evil nature. The Artifact in question, a book stolen from a deranged magician in the wilderness grew tendrils and choked our beloved wizard. The players came back to the save the day, but the damage had been done. Kothar found that his powers of portal-casting had left him. The Maze Rats now have no method by which to flee the City of Skorne to the wilderness.

They will have to fight their way to freedom.

The End of Session XP questions of the campaign have essentially changed for good:

At the end of each session, the group will answer the following questions (plus any the GM chooses to add):

• “Did we depose one of the Lords of the Districts?”

• “Did we use an Artifact against the forces of darkness?”

• “Did we cooperate as a contingent of the Maze Rats?”

For each “yes” all PCs mark 1 XP.

The New Rules

I’ve been really digging the three end of session XP questions ala Dungeon World as a schema of rewards:

It simplifies the criteria of the rewards. It’s only a “yes” or “no” for each question, but often I find that players are explaining each answer with evidence, which serves as a great recap of what all happened that session. “No, we didn’t depose of one the Lords. Krenko got away… for now.” “Yes, we used the Standard of the Vanguard against the deadbone soldiers. They will cower before us!” “Yes we worked together. How else could we have coordinated such an awesome attack on the Duchess of the Undead?”

The campaign is changing and we are in the final stages. I’m really loving this transition to a city game as the players now have to turn on the Lords. It’s getting real personal.

Last session there wasn’t a full party of players present so they did recon for future missions. Gathering info is very important as the deck is stacked against them… VERY stacked.

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